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Name: Corvis Lane Jackdaw
Age: 21
Height: 6ft 3 inches
Weight: Skinny as a rail
Blood type: 0
Current Occupation: Clerk and janitor for the black and white movie theatre, The Nosferatu.
Likes: The Beatles, breakfast cereal, old movies, his mom and dad, chasing pigeons, sleeping in, comic books, Vincent Price, jasmine tea, tofu pizza, tarot cards, cartoons, the ocean, his job, Martin-chan, Gilly Ghost, the sound of rain, grass, Charles Dickens, kids, and any flavor of ice cream.
Dislikes: Being alone, dark alleys, parakeets, incense, his clothes not being clean, his job, The Golden Girls, Star Trek, airplane rides, shows on the Discovery Channel about sharks ('coz they scare him), Jaws, Rod Stewart, broken umbrellas, when there arenít enough letters in his alphabet soup to spell anything, camping, and his allergies to guinea pigs.
Fun Fact: Corvisís right eye changes color with his mood. When he was five, he was playing with his mother's jewelry and when she caught him red handed he hid a mood ring up his nose. It burst and the fluid went into his eye, and now he can barely see out of it. He takes medication to keep it purple but it often doesnít work.

Name: Gilligan Ghost
Nickname: Gilly
Age: Really Old, thatís all we know
Height: Raven-sized
Weight: Less than a cheeseburger
Blood type: None, heís a ghost, silly
Current occupation: Scaring anyone who lives in his apartment, being dead
Likes: Snapping at ghost bugs, Disney movies, Tales from the crypt, rain, cereal, Oprah, Corvis (especially pecking at Corvisís hair), flying, sitting on thin and soft things, and lava lamps.
Dislikes: When people tease him to say "Nevermore," taxidermy, oatmeal, missing an episode of Oprah, when Corvis throw out the paper before he gets to read it, smart alec pigeons, and the fact they use owls instead of ravens in Harry Potter.
Fun Fact: Gilly once belonged to a magician who lived in the apartment, but when the old man died the raven never left.

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